T9550LCM Transmitter for Waiter or Staff

There are a lot of restaurant server paging systems out there. But the T9550LCM  transmitter from Long Range Systems is probably one of the top transmitters in the world in restaurants. It's a transmitter for 12 pagers, it has the ability to page 999 pagers so its unlikely you will out grow it any time soon. The unit can be either rechargeable battery or mains driven. This unit needs a (low cost license (£15.00 per year)) from OFCOM although typically it can easily page for up to 500 metres in open air. The T9550LCM pages to our SP4 server ruggedised pagers. As a low cost transmitter there is simply no equal. Other brands tend to either cut back on the number of pagers that can be paged or operate on reduced power or both compared to this unit. The T9550LCM operates on 459.100Mhz UHF for commercial quality interference free paging.

Why this LRS product:

Low cost, highly expandable. The unit needs only a low cost license (£15.00 per year) in the UK so that means no hassle or extra cost in compliance from others that charge £75 for three years. 999 pagers supported and up to 500 metres range. Battery mobile if needed (and lasts for up to 1 week on one charge) or mains 240 volts in the Uk with Long Range Systems UK power supply. T9550LCM can reprogram pagers at the touch of a button - simple. All page feature if you want to recall staff at once. Default of one, two or three vibes with up to 4 messages which are often used for messaging pagers. Range test mode for setup purposes makes everything really easy on site with no installation fees. Built in battery remaining check.

Features and Benefits

t9550lcmWireless pager programmability. Molded Lexan case. All-page feature. Changeable default settings of 1,2 or 3 vibes and 4 messages. Economically priced. Crystal-controlled frequency. Works with all Service Pagers. Handles up to 12 pagers (up to 999). Range test mode. Operates on battery or 240 volts. Built-in battery meter. UHF frequency in the UK is 459.100Mhz.


Compatible Products

SP4 Service Pager

The Star pager (also known as a server pager, star pager or buzzer) has 4 unique leds that with the right transmitter can display many messages. Its rugged and designed for extended use. Will operate for up to 48 hours from one charge.


Maintenance Agreements
Pager Maintenance Agreements: THE BEST SUPPORT IN THE WORLD

It's true there are many suppliers out there, but none of them come close to LRS UK for quality and support. We offer some favourite maintenance agreements which can even send you 'free' pagers each month.


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